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Robbe U-47 VIIC Conversion Kits

We offer an upgrade kit for the Robbe U-47 which makes it look as good as one of the boats that cost twice as much.

Each kit contains the following:

  • Cast urethane extension to the conning tower
  • Spray deflector and mounting tabs
  • Conning tower air intake grates, upper and lower
  • Conning tower seats for perimeter railing
  • Complete photoetched deck covering the entire boat from bow to stern
  • Conning tower floor
  • Rudder support
  • Net cutter (with brackets and mounting accessories)
  • Three hatches with their arms and circular handles
  • Conning tower and saddle tank decorations
  • 1:1 plans for the fabrication of deck railings and conning tower railings.

The art for the deck is taken as closely as possible from our Revell 1:72 upgrade kit, altered only slightly to meet the Robbe attachment points, so very little modification is required for installation and the original bulkheads support the new deck. The bollards are in the same location as the Robbe ones, and the conning tower floor has holes for the periscopes at their original locations.

The decks are made from brass which is .5mm thick (.020"). It is alloy 260 half-tempered.


If you are interested, please email us.